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Dell D830 Broadcom 432AGN WiFi mini PCI-Express


Aspiring Daemon

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I came to a point of associating to AP and transferring few files (which implies ndis0)
Now I've tried to set it's various options:
# sysctl dev.ndis.0.*=*
None of them takes any effect. Placebo.


Aspiring Daemon

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That never worked. (I mean changing sysctl values after device is attached.)

sysctl entries for ndis are created after module is loaded and device have driver attached.
But sysctls values are read from entries in inf file (same inf file you used while creating module with ndisgen) and also are read only once (when ndis0 is attached) so changing sysctl values this late (after ndis0 attached) would give you nothing.

This is yet another bug by design in NDISulator. The only way you can make sysctl values actually useful is modifying/adding entries in original inf file and recreating module with ndisgen.

You can test this if you set:

# sysctl debug.ndis=0x8

Before!!! loading bcmw*.ko module.

I think there is at least one entry like NetworkAddress which is read after you create wlan0 device from ndis0. But this one use specific call and it just happens that we mapped value to sysctl one.

Note that you need to set NetworkAddress(MAC) twice: once via sysctl and second one via ifconfig:

# ifconfig ndis0 ether a1b2c3d4e5f6

If they are not same you will not have operational ndis0.

It is possible that you can set NetworkAddress only once, you need to reboot if you want to change it again, it probably depends on device firmware ...


Aspiring Daemon

Thanks: 17
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I'll play with it when I'll have time.

In a meantime:
v4 and v5
Both have issue with:
# ifconfig wlan0 scan
v4 scan stops almost instantly, after this appears:
wlan0: ieee80211_new_state_locked: pending SCAN -> RUN transition lost
, returning only 1 and always SAME SSID ignoring dozen others! (depending on location)

v5 will panic instead (you said it is SMP and ndis design)

v4 is slower, but more stable (won't bring machine down, with itself)

Tried 3 APs