LXDE Debugging LXDE errors

I've been using LXDE for years without errors, but have recently started getting errors when starting up.
After a brand new install of x11/lxde-meta on top of a fresh installation of 14.0-R with the following

ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session startlxde

LXDE comes up and immediately shows this error:

Could not connect: No such file or directory

Where should I look for some explanation of this error?

There is a ~/.cache/lxsession/LXDE/run.log but no mention of such an error there.
Returning to an unresolved problem....

When logging out from LXDE, I notice a msg saying

error connecting to ConsoleKit

This is a fresh installation of 14.0-R which only has
x11/xorg and x11/lxde-meta installed.

/etc/rc.conf contains dbus_enable="YES"


ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session startlxde

lxde starts up but without any icons and there are no menu options to reboot or shutdown.

This problem has been ongoing for several weeks, and I can't get a full picture about what is missing. I've been using LXDE for years and have always previously managed to sort out any problems.

My best guess is that something related to messagebus, polkitd and/or ConsoleKit is not configure/installed properly, but not sure what to check...

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Some strange results after experimenting revealed that LXDE comes up with all its icons if it is installed locally, but if installed from a network using
pkg -r /mnt then there are no icons.

I've no idea why that should be. Guess I need to compare the two installations.

Should I expect to do this using:
mount 'good install' 'mountpoint-1'
mount 'bad install' 'mountpoint-2'

diff -rqy 'mountpoint-1' 'mountpoint-2'

Does diff() report differences in ownership/permissions?
cd mountpoint-1
mtree -c -k sha256digest,uname,gname | mtree -p mountpoint-2
Many thanks @YYY__ for an example of using mtree, I've always struggled to work out how to use it.

The problem I have now is knowing how to analise the results.

There are over 1100 lines of differences of which around 1000 files 'missing' from one installation.
Around 50 have a different sha256digest.
The rest are either 'extra', 'user' or 'gid'.

I guess I'd better split the results into four categories to see how the differences came about.