Xfce Cycling windows crashs xfwm4: exited on signal 8 (shortcut Alt+Tab)

Dear @ll,

Anyone else experiencing this using Xfce 4.18 using 13.2-RELEASE-p8 ?

My workaround so far is to assign
xfdesktop -W
to the shortcut alt+tab.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Tanis, I'm running xfce-4.18_1 on 13.2-RELEASE-p8 and I'm not experiencing the problem that you're mentioning no matter how many times I use Alt-Tab. Feel free to ask any questions to compare set ups if you want to debug things.
Thx, not much configuration from my side. 😅 Just plain Xfce nothing special. 🤷‍♂️ It’s crashing since my last pkg upgrade, tried to upgrade again, but the system is up to date, base system as well. 🤔
Two year ago...
I just push Alt+Tab nothing more, no mouse involvement or anything else. As soon as I press those two keys Xfce crashs with the in the subject mentioned error.

Alt + Tab is one of the few shortcuts I make heavy use of to cycle between two windows, so that’s really annoying. 😕
Is compositing turned on?
I don’t know, will check later as I have to reboot into that environment.

What I can say right now though, it’s the default setting, I got two screens attached, if that makes a difference.