Create Poll feature


killasmurf86 said:
Ye, sorry, i mean poll

Thank U for making it Clear.

Yes you are right; Enabling this feature is really important.

Every one can vote and find what others think about different ideas, thoughts, events ... so on.

Let us hope that the admin of this forum will enable this; just like Thanks Button, which was not enabled in the startup days.

If you want a poll to be added to the specific thread, please let us know at and if it seems reasonable to us we can add it manually...

For now we have agreed that we will not allow general users to add polls.
Create ?

This is a VBB forum, all previously requested features, like polls, editing posts, etc, are only a click away.
As a matter of fact, they are enabled by default . .
(And it only takes a few lines of PHP to have all kinds of Multimedia stuff)
I'm running VBulletins with +10.000 members for many years now, and had my share of (l)user moments, but enabling standard features only by request, or after certain conditions have been met, would make them a very lonely place.

Restrictions are a matter of survival for the common "insert brand here" automotive forum,
but I really don't see why (mostly) educated BSD users should bear them.