cp command


I'm curious how can use cp command to copy also the first folder.

Have bash folder and within this folder have 5 files. I would like copy bash folder(and also all 5 files) to bash2 folder

so: bash2-->bash-->files

if i use only
cp bash bash2

then situation looks like:


I hope so you know what i mean ;)
Here you go:

[gonzalo@inferna ~]% mkdir test
[gonzalo@inferna ~]% cd test/
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% mkdir bash bash2
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% cd bash
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test/bash]% touch 1 2 3 4
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% ls bash
1  2  3  4
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% ls bash2
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% cp -R bash bash2/
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% ls bash
1  2  3  4
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]% ls bash2/bash/
1  2  3  4
[gonzalo@inferna ~/test]%

Ps: yes it does killasmurf86, I was just testing at the same time that you was poting XD
you were right :)