Nice to see so many positive reactions to the forums! I think I'll more likely follow the mailing lists, but if people run into problems where I can be of any help, I'll try to respond.
definitely happy to see an official forum for us to post in!

dare i admit, that i enjoyed the romanticism of using the 'old way' to communicating using the mailing lists. i wonder how long it will be until the forum becomes a more common way to 'mass-discuss' freebsd topics?
I've always been more fond of forums than mailing lists.

I vote this the best move the project has made this year... okay, maybe a close second to 7.0-RELEASE, but it's nevertheless awesome.
This should have been done 10 years ago. A lot easier to use then subscribing to 1000 mail list, easier to search, easier to browse ... I've always missed an official freebsd forum ;).
Congratulation and thanks for the great job ! :)