Solved commit makes all ports not working anymore...

The following commit from yesterday: makes all ports not working anymore, because the changed helper scripts have an /bin/sh shebang, where

set -o pipefail

is not working and fails with Illegal option -o pipefail

This option is for bash only:

[root@10-0-4-135-host ~]# /bin/sh
# set -o pipefail
set: Illegal option -o pipefail
# /usr/local/bin/bash
[root@10-0-4-135-host ~]# set -o pipefail
[root@10-0-4-135-host ~]#

But the shebang uses /bin/sh which is not supporting this.

How can the responsible persons be informed, or what do I miss here if this only happens on my systems (10.x, 12.x) ?
Here the output is accepted on FreeBSD-12.2 RELEASE
root@celsius:/usr/home/chris # /bin/sh
# set -o pipefail


Staff member
I thought I had upgraded everything I had but I did find an old 12.1-RELEASE VM and tested it there. Also works just fine.
my fault! It was an 12.0-RELEASE; 12.1-RELEASE seems to be fine as 12.2.
Thanks for enlighten me here!