Cloudflare introduces DNS Resolver


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Do you know if unbound-control reload also do reload the root.hints?
I don't know, however form reading unbound-control(1), I am tending to believe that it does so.
man unbound-control said:
reload Reload the server. This flushes the cache and reads the configfile fresh.
Since we inform the path to the root-hints in the config file, and this path may be matter of change, it would not make much sense to selectively keep the hints to the root zones and reload everything else. Anyway, believing is not the same as knowing.



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  1. try to run your own DNS resolver without any forwarder, just querying the root servers. Unless you are very lucky that will easily become unusable, most of the time just getting time outs.
Who say so? Should have noticed, as I was running that for many years, without problem. Then I switched to AXFR root, also without problems. But here it is about reliability, not about sparing a few milliseconds.