Other Closing firefox tabs using sway window manager

Sometimes I cannot close firefox tabs because I don't see a close button.
Any solution ?
Currently i can only kill firefox as a whole.
Ctrl + w: closes the current tab.
Ctrl + Tab: Hold Ctrl and press the Tab key to go to the next Firefox tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Hold Ctrl & Shift and press Tab to go to the previous Firefox tab.

Don't know if sway intercepts these key combinations but this is how you do it normally.
Does using MOUSE3 (clicking the mouse wheel) on the tab work? I've not used FF in years but it's works like that everywhere else for as long as I remember.
I know ctl+w works on all the main browsers on FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac. Probably Windows too.As you know, you can mark it solved by editing your first post and playing with the prefix to the post title. (Assuming you consider that a proper solution).

Keep writing about your Wayland experiences, I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds them interesting.