Claws mail address book displayed fields?

Address book window has three columns: Name, Email Address, and Remarks. Is there a way to change the default settings to show other stored data like phone number, home address, company? In Thunderbird you simply select the columns you want displayed.
I have a very distant memory. I remember adding additional fields. I may be confusing it with Sylpheed.
Have you tried importing a vCard file? Does it import additional data?
I can't find anything in the plugins, but I remember asking the same question in the past.

A few extra tools.
...Have you tried importing a vCard file? Does it import additional data?
Not yet. I only tried importing an LDIF file I generated in TB. Strange... in the Import window, I selected multiple field names to import, but only a few actually appear in the newly created address book contact entries. I will see if I can get better results using one of the scripts when I get a chance.
I remembered today. I think I've used Osmo in the past to handle contacts while cross-referencing a csv list with Claws.
You can import Google contacts with the mail/claws-mail-gdata plugin for autofill.
Maybe someone who uses Claws today can help you.
Update: After a couple of tries, I was able to successfully import all TB address book data fields via a .csv file using the script tool (I attached a screenshot). The initial question remains though ie. is there a way to change which fields are displayed in the Claws address book window?


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