Christmas Wishlist

I hope
1) Nvidia will release AMD64 Driver soon on FreeBSD
2) CUDA is available soon natively on FreeBSD
3) Acer_Acpi will be available on FreeBSD
4) The new BroadCom Ethernet chips is supported
5) New Atheros N is supported

Then again it is just my wishes. What about yours? :)
1) Native Flash player/plugin for FreeBSD
2) Better support for various hardware (probably not FreeBSD's fault)
3) That FreeBSD gets an utility in the base to update ports.
1) ATi driver with working dri on RS690 and later
2) bwi driver with v4 firmware for BCM4310 and later
3) Virtual box for FreeBSD
Andrius: yeah, i'm using radeonhd-devel now, but with old drm i have "Direct rendering: No" and with git drm i have way too much artifacts
  1. Dell fixes their ACPI on 2950 servers with ServerWorks cards or FreeBSD finds a work around
  2. Zip and ISO write support in libarchive
  3. GNU Autotools to die a fast but painful death.
I'm going to second the thoughts about Nvidia, flash and virtualbox -installing anything on Qemu is downright masochistic, even with kqemu.

1)Automounting mechanism, so that when I plug an SD card in it shows up in GNOME the way that it does under Solaris & Linux

2)more reliabled gnome/ports integration -this has improved light-years since I originally used gnome on 4.1-4.6, but there's still weirdness with the way things show up; it's not as predictable as Ubuntu.

3)Better photo/camera tools -this one may completely be me being a spaz, but even after installing gphoto2 I can't find a way to hook up my camera and have it recognized in Gnome. It seems like gphoto2 is a library under FreeBSD but a program under Fedora and Ubuntu.

I also have some trepidation about using wifi with FreeBSD, but until I get my laptop fixed it's a moot point.
A couple of Santa's "little helpers" in red lingerie would be nice :e
Yep.. That looks like someone I'd love to see under my christmas tree :)
Andrius said:
I think he wants something like portmaster or portupgrade.

Correct, I want something like that, just like csup and portsnap suddenly became part of the base. I can of course install a portmanager/updater from ports, but I believe this kind of utility should be part of the operating system.
Suspend/resume, power saving and problemfree wireless on my T61 would be neat.
A bunch of new user/developers with copious spare time would be even better, indeed.
* Suspend modes on amd64

* acpi_compaq for the HP Compaq business notebooks

* Working i386 jails for amd64, the dynamic linker in the i386 compatibilty is still broken for indirect links, which makes it impossible to build and run complex software like wine or perl in an i386 jail, even after you applied all the necessary tidbits like exchanging with that of the base system, mount_nullfs of /usr/lib32 into the jail and so forth