changing uid and gid in freebsd is not working for me - no errors, but no changes either

Hi all...
I want to change both the UID and GID from 974 to 1001 in FreeBSD. I have tried:

    id frank
    uid=974(frank) gid=974(frank) groups=974(frank)

    pw user mod -n frank -g 1001
    pw group mod -n frank -g 1001

    id frank
    uid=974(frank) gid=974(frank) groups=974(frank)

I don't get any errors, but the gid and uid don't change
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With your experience, maybe you can answer this question.
After considerable problems with log in after an upgrade, eventually I deleted my user and added it back as a new user pointing to the old user directory.
Kinda works, but I have no control over audio and other minor issues. My "new" user has a UID of 1003 and a Gid of I004.
Is it possible / safe to change this back to a UID of 1001, and what else would I have to worry about - such as GID etc.
Thanks if you have time.