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ccache calls clang, not gcc46

Discussion in 'Installing and Upgrading FreeBSD' started by Beeblebrox, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Beeblebrox

    Beeblebrox Member

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    I seem to be getting an onslaught of odd errors these days...

    I recently switched to the slower updated lang/gcc from lang/gcc46. As you know, the only difference is that lang/gcc updates are less frequent than gcc46.

    I'm also running a pure clang world using WITH_CLANG_IS_CC. But now a strange problem: When I try to build a port, clang is being used by ccache (I can tell by the output). The only way to ensure that gcc46 is used as compiler is to disable in /etc/make.conf this:

    And enable this:

    I have played around with some settings but I get no results.
    jozze thanks for this.