Solved Browser without BASH

This may be a silly question but it appears every modern browser in ports requires shells/bash. Is there a way to install www/firefox or any other browser besides links, lynx, etc, without installing bash? Do I have to just suck it up and install bash? Seems silly to me...o_O
Disregard - it's just a shell, I shouldn't be so OCDish about it but it just seems silly that a shell is a requirement for a browser. Linux holdover maybe?
It's a build time dependency for some of the dependencies of the browsers that you can't avoid because the developers insist on writing their shell scripts in shells/bash instead of the standard barebones sh(1). Nothing we can do about.

For example if you look at the run time dependencies of www/chromium at freshports you'll see that bash is not there but is in the build dependencies. Installing chromium from packages won't pull in shells/bash.
I'll look into that - I have read a little about each; seems like an interesting idea. Thanks.

The downside of building on the host is that your system gets littered with those build time only dependencies and using the mentioned package builders handily avoids that completely.
And if you do get errors you'll be able to catch them before messing with your systems ;)
I've been reading up on "synth" going to play with it and see if I can get the environment set up. Not sure how much extra disk space I'll need - guess it depends on how many ports I have installed. I'll read the docs completely because I am still not clear on some things. If I have questions I'll look for the appropriate thread.