Solved Browser proxy (dumb question).



Firefox (and several other browsers) do support proxy servers like www/squid. The usual configuration options are: http, ssl, ftp, and socks (no squid here).

My doubt is: when or in what situations the socks will be used (or are normally used) instead of the others options? I mean, if there are a proxy server for each of the options avaliable...

In the Firefox Connection Settings>Manual proxy configuration you can set different proxies or use the check-box "Use this proxy for all protocols".

Depending on what you defined, the traffic is directed there without any exemptions. And yes, you can define separate proxies for each protocol if that fits your needs.
Thank you for your replies. For some unknown reason I did not get notified about them.

getopt SirDice

I currently have all of them (except SOCKS) using www/squid. I was already aware squid is not a SOCKS proxy, that was why I wrote "no squid here". :)

I do not know when (in normal situations) something will use SOCKS instead of the others in a browser. I already had a SOCKS proxy (www/privoxy) but all network traffic were flowing through it.

Let me re-phrase:

Lets say I supposedly I have www/squid as http, ssl, and ftp proxy, and www/privoxy as SOCKS proxy.

In what situations (or what kind of traffic) would automatically flow through the SOCKS instead of others in a normal web browser situation? Examples would be a plus. :D

Thank you.
Alternatively, you could try to configure privoxy to use the Squid proxy for 'regular' web traffic and TOR for specific TOR traffic.
[client]--->[SOCKS; prixoxy]------web/ftp traffic -->[squid]
                             \---TOR traffic -> [tor gateway]
Thank you all. :)

I think you did not get what was my doubt, probably because I did not expressed it well, however you replied it anyway - I think.

So, just make sense to configure a SOCKS proxy in the browser if everything will in fact be somehow using SOCKS otherwise nothing will flow trough SOCKS.

In other words, configuring the SOCKS option in the browser configuration, and the others to squid (not connected to a SOCKS proxy) is irrelevant SOCKS-wise because nothing will be using it...