Solved /boot/loader.conf vs /boot/loader.conf.local


I looked at the loader.conf() and I was wondering if someone can explain to me more about the differences between /boot/loader.conf vs /boot/loader.conf.local.

  1. Does both is loaded (read) by loader during boot? Or if the loader finds one of them exists, it ignores the other?
  2. What should I keep in /boot/loader.conf.local? Does geli() stuff belong to this file or /boot/loader.conf? What about vfs.root.mountfrom?
  3. The same for /boot/loader.conf, what should I keep in it?

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/boot/defaults/loader.conf default settings -- do not change this file.
/boot/loader.4th defines the commands used by loader to read
and process loader.conf.
/boot/loader.conf user defined settings.
/boot/loader.conf.local machine-specific settings for sites with a
common loader.conf.
/boot/loader.rc contains the instructions to automatically
process loader.conf.

As far as I'm aware they are both processed in exactly the same way so there's no difference between putting settings in one or the other. According to the documentation above (from loader.conf()), the primary reason for having both is to allow loader.conf to be shared across multiple systems easily, while any specific settings for a single machine can go in loader.conf.local.
usdmatt Thanks for your respond.
So in my understanding loader loads both files /boot/loader.conf and /boot/loader.conf.local if exists, am I correct?

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I know this is an older post, but just wanted to point out that loader.conf.local does not get rewritten during an update. Which is the main reason to put your loader variables in that file.