Bind 9.4.2 on Freebsd 6.3 reverts to Bind 9.3.4

Hello, First time post here
I am running Freebsd 6_3 which comes with Bind 9.3.4
i have intalled Bind 9.4.2 via ports using the replace base option
but every time i do a freebsd_update Bind reverts back to 9.3.4
is there something i have missed?
i don't think there's anything you have missed. I suppose that freebsd-update utility doesn't know anything about the port you have installed and instructed to replace the base system's bind. You should probably consider installing bind from portwith w/o overwrite base option enabled.
Just came back to say thanks, it worked without the replace base option. I only used that option because most of the documentation out there says to use it.
if you overwriting base install of bind, and then update the base system the port will get overwritten whether this is via freebsd-update or cvsup/manual compile.

The way round it is to exclude bind in the make.conf from building when doing world and that stops it been overwritten again, not sure how on freebsd-update. But I guess you can just reinstall the port.