Dear FreeBSD Gurus!

Please suggest the toolset for benchmark testing and for stress test: from memory modules, CPU, PCI bus to HDD/SDD.
(both for initial testing when new servers arrive in DC and for periodical testing after maintenance like memory upgrade, CPU upgrade, disks upgrade...)

Also would be great to read about toolset for networking hardware testing.

I see some tools on ( but not sure which are up to date / great.

Thank You for all detailed suggestions!

Without running FreeBSD: HDAT2.

Shots of one of the available routines:

Without running FreeBSD: HDAT2.

Shots of one of the available routines:

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Thank You for suggestion!

Last 20+ years I using a lot of great tool for low-level HDD testing/recovering... ;)

I try to find some FreeBSD-oriented toolset to testing certain part of BSD on performance, for example:
- numbers of disk io operations during certain type of network loading;
- NIC throughput, buffers state, BSD tcp stack buffers state during certain type of network loading;
- impact on 1st and 2nd CPU and memory banks certain type of network loading;
I'd recommend actually the commercial version of memtest86 over the port, the non pro version is Free (with some limitations)

Instead of bonnie++ for benchmarking I'd say that fio ( benchmarks/fio in ports ) is much more flexible and better suited for "todays" hardware and load tests

As mentioned before buildworld is a good general "load test"

For HDDs I'd just go with dd and the long SMART test (use smartmontools)
benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite (benchmarks, plural)

<> lines 3–14, installation of all three flavours seems peculiar. A bug?
Not 100% sure - this might have to do with different runtime tests for different php versions? From a purely execution-only perspective, command line php suffices.

From its github page:
The only hard dependency on the Phoronix Test Suite is having command-line support for PHP (PHP 5.3+) installed. A complete PHP stack (e.g. with web server) is not needed, but merely the PHP command-line support, which is widely available from operating system package managers under the name php, php7-cli, php5-cli, php7 or php8.

So, yes, could very well be a fluke in the port.
For memory testing you can use sysutils/memtest86. benchmarks/bonnie++ is a good tool to measure disk I/O. Network testing can be done with benchmarks/iperf3. If you want to stress test the whole system then simply building world (build(7)) is a really good litmus test.
I still run the occassional stress test & memtest on this machine over night because I'm paranoid.
Which tool set (or set of pkg) You suggest to STRESS TESTING rack servers like
2-4 CPU package
32-196 Gb RAM
hardware RAID1-10 with 2-12 HDD/SDD
internal SATA
extra FC controllers
2-6 NICs

As some sort of “beloved in FreeBSD”, I sure You have some “magic bullet” stress test in Your pocket... ;)