Becoming 50



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Around 50 most men need viagra.
I feel like there are stages in life. Each stage/phase has its nice parts, and things that you can't do yet or can't do any more.

I hope that on my 50th birthday I wilI really have suceeded in my job and have lots of experience in it.
I like to know when have young people time for sex because 24 hours sitting on the phone...or doing everything virtual?


Aspiring Daemon

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Recently I became 50. I bought myself 3 books. Maybe you did something differently. Buying a motorcycle, wind wind in the hair. Feel free to elaborate, because there is not one way. There was never one way.
When I became 50, on that very day, I visited Walhalla in Bavaria. No additional celebrations.

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Turned 50 ~11 months ago. I surprised myself with a 3.6 KW photovoltaic system for the weekend house. Got kidnapped by a horde of friends, the rest you can imagine, since the birthday party was coupled with new years madness. Except for the hangover, no bits flipped. Life is good.


Beastie's Twin

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I bought myself 3 books.

Which ones?

I have no recollection of turning 50 (and there's nothing in Google Calendar or Photos to remind me) so I probably did nothing.

(Turning 40 was memorable because it coincided with midwinter camping with a group of friends.)