Auto login as root

I'm running FreeBSD 11 with gnome3 on top of i`m interesting in creating a situation of boot-up straight to chromium running as root user.
one of my very first issues is creating the auto-login condition. how can this be done?

Thank you in advance,
  • Login as root (on system console);
  • # adduser;
  • Answer the questions as you see fit but be sure to add the new user in wheel group when asked which other groups it should be invited to;
  • # pkg install security/sudo;
  • # visudo;
  • Find and uncomment the # %wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL line, save and exit;
  • # reboot now;
  • Login using the user you just created;
  • Perform any tasks you need high privileges for using sudo;
  • Install a Display Manager and configure it to autologin as the user you've just created (look here for more info about this);
  • Forget about login as root unless you have a very good reason to do so. Stick to the Principle of Least Privilege and work around your needs with su and sudo;

P.S.: I only use DM in Ubuntu and have no idea if a thing such as autologin - even as a regular user - exists in the first place. Most likely (some of) it does but you'll have to Google for I can't help you with this.