Anyone here break 200k salary line?

Location is everything and that's what part of the pay is based on. If you are making $90/Hr W2, then you are on the high end of the scale. Hold on to that job as long as you can. You're making more than C3's.
Agreed with Datapanic, move to California (LA, San Diego, etc) and you probably could hit 200k, but factor in cost of living and it'll feel like you're only making little over minimum wage. A couple of coworkers of mine were suckered into moving out west in the late 90s with promises of high wage increases and moving allowances only to find they were financially struggling due to the high cost of living. Most of them moved back east at some point.
It's not common to earn that much money in IT. Not by doing basic engineering/administrating tasks at least. You may get there if you are super specialized in some highly sought after skill and you're one of only a handful of people in the country that have it. As with all commercial things, supply and demand determine the price. If there's a high demand for a certain skill set and very low supply, the price will automatically go up.