Solved Any other method of creating hot-key for x11-wm/dwm

Based on reading of other examples of x11-wm/dwm being configured prior to make;

has anybody come up with configuration of a hot-key launcher afterwards?
It's not built to work like that. What you can do is use dmenu. The default is mod1+p. In dmenu, you can type the first few letters of any program and it will usually complete the program and launch it.
You could also use something like xbindkeys.
There's the spectrwm window manager as well. That has a text configuration file and you can have the window manager reread it. I have a page on it at

However, even on a really slow machine, making the changes to dwm and recompiling only takes a few seconds. I have a page on dwm with a link to good article on the Debian wiki about it.
Well, it was worth a try to find a possible workaround, scottro. BTW- You're articles on dwm, CentOS and others are great!