another tftp problem

Tftp is very long ..
It start with inetd:
tftp   dgram   udp   wait   root   /usr/libexec/tftpd   tftpd -l -s -vv /tftpboot
tftp   dgram   udp   wait   root   /usr/libexec/tftpd   tftpd -B 1024 --ipv4 -vv /tftpboot
Of course I've disabled pf in case it makes a problem.

Loading a single floppy image takes 15 seconds.
So mfsroot ... take 10 min :)

When I do the same tftp on Linux, it's really fast.
I changed the integrated network card for a 3Com (xl0/3c59x) I trust.

Any idea?
As usual, I experiment, it's not my job so it isn't really important.
Don't waste time.

I don t remember ... It s been a while.
I suppose I followed a how-to, or made a stupid thing :)