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Android on FreeBSD

Discussion in 'Howtos and FAQs (Moderated)' started by gferenc88, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. gferenc88

    gferenc88 New Member

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    Hello everybody,

    Maybe it is not a big thing, but I have managed to run the Android OS with OpenGL support on FreeBSD.

    Before we start, you must have enabled the Linuxulator and install the Linux base distribution from ports (emulators/linux_base-f10).

    Here are the ToDo-s:
    1. Install VirtualBox by using: # cd /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose && make install clean
      - You can find more details on the https://wiki.freebsd.org/VirtualBox site.
    2. Download the pre-installed VM file located in the following link: http://androvm.org/Download/androVM_vbox86tp_4.1.1_r4-20121119-gapps-houdini-flash.ova.
    3. You have to import it, to the VirtualBox by using the File/Import Appliance/Open Appliance... menu:
    4. Go to the VM network settings and set the "Adapter 1" to “Host Only Adapter”
    5. Start the virtual machine. When the Android is loaded, go to the Menu/androVM Configuration and enable OpenGL.
    6. Restart the VM. If you have a firewall with default deny policy, you have to enable the traffic in/out on the vboxnet0 virtual adapter.
    7. Finally you have to download the VMPlayer: http://androvm.org/Download/AndroVMplayer-linux32-20121119.tgz. Unpack the package copy the libraries to /compat/linux/usr/lib. When it is done, you can start the VMPlayer by clicking on it or from the shell (make it executable by using chmod 755).

    Some screens:
    YZMSQ, Nightweaver, vertexSymphony and 2 others thank for this.