AMD graphics driver question.

I plan on using the graphics built on the AMD Ryzen 7600 cpu and install FreeBSD 13.2.

So my question is do I follow handbook and
# pkg install drm-kmod
or do I need to now specify "drm-510-kmod" in place of the handbook?

Or will the handbook method pull the drivers I need?
graphics/drm-kmod is a metaport. From the description:
Metaport for different versions of Linux DRM based on the FreeBSD version in use. This port encompasses the recommendations of the FreeBSDDesktop team of DRM versions for FreeBSD versions based on the last update to the LinuxKPI in that code base. In general, the most recent supported stable DRM for a give FreeBSD version will be installed. CURRENT receives the most recent development DRM.
This port does not however hinder the expert user to make other decisions and continue to install DRM ports directly.

That should answer your questions - I assume :)
Unless you know what you're doing / have a specific scenario or setup: Yes, just use graphics/drm-kmod and it will pick the correct one for your FreeBSD version.