Solved Accessibility: linking to the FreeBSD site


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Since the red style is the default one, I think it should be the priority, and its ergonomics should not be affected by changes meant for alternate styles...


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… they explicitly state: ".. your home page, outside of the board..". … whatever you do …, it goes wrong somewhere for someone. …

Thanks for the eloquent explanation (and screenshot). The design limitation might be unfortunate, but XenForo is what it is; somewhat beyond the control of site administrators, in this case, it seems.

… Some are used to behavior A, others to B. …

In an ideal world, any accessibility-oriented change should be good for all. If an ideal combination of preferences (i.e. home page outside the board) had been chosen at the outset, then pretty much everyone would be happy, but :) we can't change the past. Moving on …

I don't know how it was at the outset, but Tom's Guide Forum might be the best example of a XenForo site that's got it right (or very good) now:
  • forums secondary to home, both worded and iconified, in a collapsible sidebar
  • the omnipresent tom's guide logo linking to tom's guide, not the forums.
More than two million members, I imagine that they're generally happy with the arrangement.

… changes meant for alternate styles …

Yeah, the intention was never to disorient users of any style. Essentially:

neat to have consistent meanings for clicks on FreeBSD logos.

Since it seems unreasonably difficult to achieve this with XenForo and the current set of styles: I guess, accessibility + consistency (the combination) must take a back seat for now.

DutchDaemon danger@ I guess, revert to things as they were yesterday? <>


(Side note: the custom bar of the default style here is, predictably, out of sync with FreeBSD's bar, but an update for things such as that can wait until some time in 2022 …)


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I hope everybody will be happy now :)
  • I'm shocked, surprised and delighted, all in a sesame seed bun
  • you're probably quietly ecstatic at the thought of me not finding fault enhancement for the next few minutes hours days weeks :)
Joking aside: I really appreciate you admins spending time on stuff like this. Administration is too often a thankless task.


Bonus prize, for those of us who have (or pretend to have) notebooks with 40" displays:

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    max-width: none