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Hello guys,

do you know where I can download a simple jpeg decoder that imports (takes as input) the bitstream between FFD8-FFD9 and shows the picture ?

(for freebsd obviously).

Thanks in advance.



It is the best !
One a little bit simple ? only to show still picture. I'm referring to the front-end GUI. Very good if it is based on ffmpeg.
The simplest and lightest image viewer I know (libjpeg.so support included) is graphics/xli, the formal successor of xloadimage. only available on command line, since whenever a GUI front-end is included, some graphic toolkit is added to dependencies and this makes the package way heavier. Probably the most popular CLI displayer however is graphics/feh.
The lightest streamer with I GUI front-end which comes to mind is graphics/ida (openmotif-based), which in Linux often comes bounded with frambuffer utilities. graphics/viewnior (gtk2-based)in another good one and you may have look compiling flviewer (FLTK-based).

A powerful one instead is graphics/photoqt (Qt5-based)



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Yep :).
Though just realized that the OP was looking for a program to do it, not a library so perhaps isn't as useful for them. Sorry!

I often have a web browser installed so just use that but otherwise graphics/feh gets another vote from me :)

I really would not recommend feh, it is maybe with imlib , you should go for lighter solutions, combinations of small libraries.

The cool thing would be to avoid opengl and to avoid sdl libraries .:)( really



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Or perhaps the lightest solution...

$ xsetroot -solid black
Lets you have any background image you desire... so long as it is solid black ;)

It also takes a -pixmap parameter which you could convert from a Png using Gimp or something.