10000 character limit

Hello is there a way to avoid the 10000 character limit.

I submitted a howto but it is in three parts now because of the limit.

Or can a administrator glue the post together?

ALso for the howto section a 10000 character limit is maybe a little to low.

Johan Hendriks
Characters, not words. And it's already there. Divided into three parts, so it's 30000 charachters at max.
Why not use the wiki for long articles? IMHO their are easier to maintain in a wiki as well.
I don't know what it to takes to get registered in der FreeBSD-wiki.

Thanks for the merge.

@ bsddeamon,
It is not that i type a lot and explain a lot, it is the config files that create a lot of characters. ;)

Well i just hope some people are helped by the howto!

As my programming skills are close to zero on a scale of 100, i like to contribute to FreeBSD this way.

Johan Hendriks