zpool import

  1. J

    ZFS cannot import pool after booting 13.2 after upgrading to 14.0

    First, a quick warning to beadm users: If you have upgraded to 14.0 and you boot from ZFS and you ran zpool upgrade on your root ZFS pool and you beadm activate a pre-14.0 snapshot then you may be in for some pain :'‑( How did I get here: My FreeBSD system uses UEFI, I boot from ZFS and I...
  2. LibreQuest

    Solved ZROOT failure

    Looking for help with ZFS. I am booted into a live FreeBSD 13.2 trying to fix my zroot. Zpool import returns ZFS filesystem version: 5 ZFS storage pool version: feature support (5000) pool: zroot id: 8141163279847660127 state: online Status: some supported features are not enabled on the pool...
  3. decuser

    Downgrading 13.1 to 12.4 for fun?

    I'm not sure it's fun, but I didn't think it'd be painful. However, when I went to import my zpool, I got: zpool import pool: zfs id: 1387220501496143749 state: UNAVAIL status: The pool can only be accessed in read-only mode on this system. It cannot be accessed in read-write...
  4. F

    ZFS zpool import causes: page fault while in kernel mode

    Due to unknown to me reasons I'm having issues while importing a zpool (RAID 0, two disks). Whenever I issue the command the system crashes and reboots showing this error: The only way I can successfully import the zpool (but don't know how to access the data in it) is when I connect the...
  5. G

    Solved Cannot import mirror into newly installed system

    My old box is running FreeBSD 10.1 and has 2 HDD configured as mirror. On my new box I've installed FreeBSD 13.0 and it has 2 HDD configured as mirror too. Now I want to copy all my files from old box to a new one. But, when I've attached old disks to my new box and run zpool import I've got...
  6. mickidymick

    ZFS Importing a zfs pool on freenas from another system

    Hey guys, Ok background, so I had freenas 9.10.1 running with a raid0 zfs pool 3x 3TB HDDs (don't worry I have everything backed up nightly on a separate server running raid 5... so worst case I give up and rebuild it). So I went to update freenas to 11.2 and something happened with the upgrade...
  7. A

    ZFS Zpool import failing after server crash

    Hi folks , Recently we had network maintenance where underlying switches connected to the node where rebooted , due to this one of the node in the cluster got cpu panic , crashed and eventually got rebooted.After the reboot we tried to bring up the services and found that we have some problem...