zpool faulted

  1. F

    ZFS zpool import causes: page fault while in kernel mode

    Due to unknown to me reasons I'm having issues while importing a zpool (RAID 0, two disks). Whenever I issue the command the system crashes and reboots showing this error: The only way I can successfully import the zpool (but don't know how to access the data in it) is when I connect the...
  2. C

    ZFS ZFS Boot Issue

    I have a FreeBSD production system with 12 3TB SATA drives in a a JBoD triple-parity ZFS configuration spanning around 30TB. This was working well for months, through numerous reboots, however after a power outage Friday it's been unable to boot, giving 3 or more (it varies) `zio_read error...
  3. ShelLuser

    Solved Pool suddenly mentions "FAULTED" state after reboot

    Hi gang, A very odd situation here... I just finished setting up FreeBSD using ZFS on a server (Dell SC1420). The zroot pool is using a mirror build from /dev/ada0p2 and /dev/ada1p2. The system was up, no error showed, I had just finished setting up smartd and figured I should reboot one...