1. C

    Zoom/webcam on FreeBSD

    How have folks been using Zoom on FreeBSD, *recently*. When I first picked up FreeBSD in earnest a couple years ago, Zoom's Linux client used to work under Linux compat, but that stopped working quite a while ago. So I switched to running it in the browser. But recently my camera no longer works...
  2. Sivan!

    Zoom in freeBSD works, but with some easily solvable minimal issues

    Zoom is among one of the new freeBSD ports net-im/zoom, installed zoom with some errors as can be seen from this forum post There are some errors to be fixed, but it works.
  3. Sivan!

    Solved Zoom video doesn't work for the past few days in Chromium and Iridium

    In Chromium 101 YouTube works fine, audio works without issues, but Zoom, for the past few days, does not display videos, though audio is fine. I installed Iriudium, zoom has the same issues. How would I troubleshoot this? I have freebsd 13.0 Release 11.0 with Kde plasma. Thank you.
  4. F

    Linux Binary Compatibility and Zoom

    First of all, I don't wanna want to use Zoom on web version. I want to use it with FreeBSD. I take a look at Linux Binary Compatibility but got lots of errors. I'm guessing they are about shared objects maybe? I saw a package exist for FreeBSD Zoom but it says sound unstable and under...
  5. I

    The state of videoconferencing on FreeBSD

    I found an interesting post about videoconferencing on FreeBSD here: https://www.davidschlachter.com/misc/freebsd-videoconferencing I am curious if there is anybody who uses Teams and/or Zoom on FreeBSD. I use those on a laptop with Win10 currently, but I would like to install FreeBSD on that...