1. dnb

    ZFS Disadvantages of using naked ZFS in CSM/BIOS mode with zfsboot bootcode

    I'd like you to critique the method I use every time I install a system. Frankly, this method was one of the first impressive features of FreeBSD (and ZFS) when I moved to this system. At the same time, from the very beginning of using FreeBSD, I have been thinking about the disadvantages of...
  2. neogeo

    ZFS zfsboot - Is it possible to have zfsboot import/mount filesystems under the boot pool?

    I've installed FreeBSD into a slice of a BSD disklabel partition, on an SSD in a laptop that uses BIOS/MBR firmware. After some consideration, I've installed the main FreeBSD boot loader to the SSD's start bytes - overwriting any thing Windows 10 had installed there. I've installed zfsboot to...
  3. poorandunlucky

    ZFS without GPT?

    Hey, I might've delusioned myself here, but is it possible to boot from just a bare ZFS drive, no GPT or MBR? I wrote zfsboot according to zfsboot(8) but now it's saying Can't find /boot/zfsloader And then complains about not being able to find the kernel. If I type boot: ? I get the...