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  1. F

    ZFS Discrepancy in 'Used' Space on ZFS Volumes Post Send/Receive on Same Server with Different Pool Topologies

    Hey folks, I've stumbled upon a strange issue on my server concerning a discrepancy in 'used' space between two ZFS volumes after a ZFS send/receive operation. I transferred data from basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0 to basia-nvme/vm-118-disk-0. Initially, the source volume basia-ssd/vm-118-disk-0...
  2. malavon

    ZFS DD'ing 512b sector hard drive to ashift 12 (4Kb sector) ZFS volume

    (edited to add block-by-block, 1:1) Well, looks like there's yet another thing I can't seem to understand or grasp my head around. I've been trying to do this for several days and just can't get it right. Many mistakes were made, but I just can't figure out the right solution. . What I'm...
  3. B

    bhyve centos vm installation "not a correct XFS inode"

    Because of several reasons I must install a centos7 virtual machine on a zfs filesystem on freebsd 11 (It must be centos, there is no other option for that) Furthermore I need to be able to send a ZFS snapshot of the virtual machine to a remote backup system on a regular base. Which means that...