1. dlo

    Solved X does not start with Radeon RX 6700 XT GPU / FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE - no screens found

    THREAD SUMMARY: Drivers for AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT GPUs are unavailable as of May 8, 2021. However, this GPU is VESA-compatible, so using the vesa driver works as a sufficient drop-in. I'm a professional programmer with around two decades of experience using Linux as a development environment...
  2. poorandunlucky

    Framerate (radeon)

    Hey, so I'm kinda new really dedicating myself to running FreeBSD as my main desktop OS, so there's a lot of stuff I don't know, though I'm quite capable, or at least, I think I'm OK... Anyway... so I was running KDE4 with the framerate desktop effect, and I'm getting 60 fps with OpenGL 3.0...
  3. theHAL9000

    Solved X Win login repeats over and over

    So - I fallen in love with FreeBSD. Linux was fun but its like having 100 cooks making a stew. The beef, fish and goat together? Too many cooks. And I like software that actually compiles on my machine. I can't tell you how insane it makes me to try to compile from source on a Linux...