Solved X Win login repeats over and over

So - I fallen in love with FreeBSD. Linux was fun but its like having 100 cooks making a stew. The beef, fish and goat together? Too many cooks. And I like software that actually compiles on my machine. I can't tell you how insane it makes me to try to compile from source on a Linux machine and have to fiddle with it for hours or days.

Anyhow - as you can guess I've only just discovered there is an alternative to Linux. Everything has gone great (And its understandable) but.... I've gotten stuck for a day and a half on one silly thing. I get to the X graphical login screen. If I type in a login with the wrong password it tells me that it's wrong in big red letters. If I type in a valid account and password the screen goes away. Does something then comes right back to the login screen. If I Ctrl alt f1 I can log in (Same account password) type startx and it runs fine. It even runs jwm which is the only command in my .xintric file. *I would like it to also run rox (A graphical file manager) but? Not sure where that properly goes.

I looked around for a while for someone with this problem and haven't had any luck. I'm pretty sure my xorg.conf file is correct I'm not sure which other ones pertain to this. *Never had an X11 login screen. XDM? Is it? Anyway I didn't get cute. I tried to do it per the FreeBSD Handbook example.

Has anyone an idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks much for any suggestions.


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To keep both in sync create a symlink:
ln -s ~/.xinitrc ~/.xsession
First, wow! You guys rock! That is what the problem was! I have to do a bit more study on what these files do. On the Linux machine I've been using its a huge file that in the end ends up running a file manager (jwm). My file is two lines long and just runs a file manager (jwm). I've been reading a great book called "The Joy of X by Mansfield". He shows an example of a file manager that looks very cool. The only thing I've used has been Rox. I'm going to live on the edge and maybe try something else. Ha! Anyway I tend to babble so again thank you so much for the help. This is looking cool. And I'm so glad I asked because I would not have figured this out for a long long time.

A huge thanks and I'm really sorry I'm late to the FreeBsd FreeBSD party.

- Jay