1. NapoleonWils0n

    Other Eureka running Wayland applications from inside a Jail

    I just figured out how to run Wayland applications from inside a Jail without using Xwayland The reason i started looking into this is because Davinci Resolve 19 beta 1 supports running as a native wayland application instead of running as an X11 app Also there is a nasty bug with wlroots that...
  2. birdie

    The no future of X.org, FreeBSD becomes headless?

    RedHat announced two days ago they are abandoning X.org starting 2025. This is a done deal, there are no ifs. Not a single BSD distribution including FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD, not a single remaining UNIX including AIX and Solaris has released any statements in regard to that. What are you...
  3. dnb

    How long will Xorg live?

    I heard that Xorg is no longer being developed and will eventually be discontinued in favor of the newfangled Wayland. Whether I use FreeBSD or Gentoo, I usually install xorg + tiling wm (awesome or xmonad). Both of them (awsome and xmonad) won't work on Wayland. Don't care about Gentoo, I...
  4. sidetone

    libXCB (X C Binding library)

    XCB (X-protocol C-language binding) was intended to fully replace Xlib for X11: so far, XCB has gradually replaced some parts of it. Its purpose was to be more efficient and to be easier to program. X11 is a protocol. Xlib and XCB are both API's and library sets. Xlib (also called libX11) is...
  5. J

    How to use xwayland

    I'm in the process of trying wayland (using x11-wm/hikari) for the first time. At least one application I am using (specifically devel/jetbrains-clion) appears not to work under wayland while it works fine under X. I've read about xwayland and that seems to be exactly what I need in this...
  6. M

    Other Sway is an i3-compatible Wayland desktop for Linux and FreeBSD

    That sentence caught my eye in the blog post Announcing the release of sway 1.0 by Drew DeVault, because I could not find any further information, tutorial or blog posts about installing, configuring and using Sway on FreeBSD. Everything including the especially created tools (except one) is...