1. A

    Intel UHD 770: The x server with drivers does not start

    Not long ago, I built a computer, and I decided to install two systems: Windows and FreeBSD. Windows started up quietly, and when I tried to start X server on FreeBSD, it gave an error that there were no screens. At the same time, the drivers were installed. There is no money to buy another GPU...
  2. Incnis Mrsi

    xorg-server-1.20.13 failed to switch from vt07

    A reasonably recent Xorg running on Intel UHD Graphics 610 (see here) under FreeBSD 12.3 with vt over efifb suddenly stopped to switch virtual consoles. When [Ctr]+[Alt]+[Fn] is pressed, the process says Otherwise GUI functions as usual. Never observed this behaviors with an older...
  3. R

    Unable to login in GUI mode after installation

    I am trying FreeBSD for the first time. I installed FreeBSD 10.3 it on a GPT partition and got it to boot using Grub. After this I installed xorg, fluxbox, slim with: pkg install xorg fluxbox slim In /home/username/.xinitrc I put: xterm & exec fluxbox To /etc/rc.conf I added...
  4. rotech911

    Solved Backlight set to zero after X server starts

    Hello friends of BSD, recently, I've been struggling with backlight after X server starts on ASUS laptop. Everything is normally seen in TTY, but after executed startx or automatic slim login manager enabled boot in Xserver dims backlight to zero. For this purpose, I've installed...
  5. D

    X server & jails

    I was thinking about a dependency conflict [1] that prevents me from installing KDE4 and Gnome2 at same time and I came up with a fancy idea. Is it possible to install KDE4 in a jail, Gnome2 in another one and use them to draw on the X server running on the host system? Has anyone tried...