1. G

    Other XRDP with CDE

    Hi, I have good old CDE running on FreeBSD 14.0. Everything seems to be working as expected locally. I am trying to use XRDP to access the machine remotely from Windows. I got XRDP installed and working, but only with TWM or JWM as I don't know how to edit /usr/local/etc/xrdp/startwm.sh to...
  2. Dwerva

    xrdp file copy/paste works for root but not users

    Hello all, I do not post this request for help lightly. There are very few problems I cannot solve myself but this one has had me stumped for a week now. This smells of a permissions issue but damned if I can find it. Does anyone have a direction they can point me in that I may be missing...
  3. C

    xrdp in jail

    I've set up a jail, installed the latest xrdp from ports (and later also tried the current version from github), but my session immediately disconnects after I attempt a connection via remmina. The logs don't tell me much - session manager tells me, that the session just ended unexpectedly...
  4. solskogen

    Solved xrdp in jail

    Hi! I'm having trouble getting xrdp to start in a jail. The error is: Starting xrdp. logging configuration: LogFile: /var/log/xrdp.log LogLevel: 4 EnableSyslog: 1 SyslogLevel: 4 [20190404-11:26:56] [DEBUG] Testing if xrdp can listen on port...
  5. ykla

    Solved xrdp doesn't work on RPI3B+ with mate desktop

    Hi, I got a RPI3B+ yesterday and instead freebsd 13.0. I want to using GUI so I instead mate, xrdp. But xrdp seems not work on my RPI. When I login it, I will see a white box. my config: /usr/local/etc/xrdp/startwm.sh root@rpi3:/usr/ports/net # cat /usr/local/etc/xrdp/startwm.sh...
  6. decuser

    xset -r or xset r off appear to do nothing in xrdp session

    Is there a way to turn off keyboard repeat in an xrdp session? xset -r / xset -r off work to disable keyboard repeat in a KDE session on the machine, but when I access the machine remotely using xrdp, the commands do not appear to work.