1. T

    X11/xorg doesn't work after sudden shutdown - startx - intel module not found

    Good morning, I'm newbie, sorry for mistakes but It is my first post. I get this problem when I launch startx: it doesn' display X11/Xorg interface: 1-the problem occurred only after a sudden shutdown of the device due to lack of electricity, before this event xorg worked well. 2- this is my...
  2. mehdi

    How To Configure Ly Display Manager

    I'm not able to configure the Ly disply manager on Freebsd. I have these lines in my /etc/gettytab : Ly:\ :lo=/usr/local/bin/ly:\ :al=root: My /etc/ttys : ttyv0 "/usr/libexec/getty Ly" xterm on secure My /usr/local/etc/ly/config.ini: (I didn't change...
  3. H

    Xorg errors when i do startx

    it says "Cannot run in framebuffer mode. please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices" so i assume i need to specify busIDs but i have no idea how to do this would someone walk me through this?
  4. fel1x

    How to install Wayland?

    First of all, where is wayland forum(there's X.Org forum, but I couldn't find wayland forum) Do I need to instal xorg to use wayland or I should install wayland only? What's the name of wayland pkg? Just 'sudo pkg install wayland"? The sequence how to install gnome on wayland Is Nvidia is better...
  5. fel1x

    Solved Porting new Virtual Machine Guest Tools(VMWare Workstation 16 and VirtualBox 6.1

    I don't have any new computer for FreeBSD. So I use virtual machine on Windows 10. The problem is that the latest virtualbox-ose-additions is for Virtualbox 5.x and guest additions for vmware is discontinued, so vmware says that I should use open vm tools. However, it only supports Freebsd 11...