1. W

    ssh-agent and .xsession -- unexpected extra process

    Hi! (firstly, apologies if there was a better forum for this -- ssh-agent is part of the base-system but x11/xdm/lxde is not. Secondly, I wrote this while taking a deep dive into the problem, so my writing reflects this) I'm currently setting up a FreeBSD system with a lightweight LXDE/xdm...
  2. L

    Xfce XDM fails to start XFCE4

    Hi FreeBSD Community, I installed FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p1 with xfce DE and xdm as a login manager. When I enter my credentials it blinks "successful" but then fails. I followed this Sec 5.7.3 and I was only able to start xfce DE from ttyX by typing startx. This should be good enough for now but...
  3. sidetone

    Solved Can't log into windowmanager though XDM

    I had this problem for a while, that I couldn't get into my desktop through XDM. I thought I could have messed something up on my computer that made this not work, but after installing FreeBSD 13.0, there's still the same problem. Only one other person said they had this problem on here before...
  4. U

    How do I prevent xdm from restarting X once I quit the window manager?

    I would like to be able to quit the window manager and exit X, but xdm restarts it. What do I have to modify so that this does not happen?
  5. A

    Display managers without GNU licenses

    Hello all. Does anyone know of a display manager that isn't licensed under any of the GNU licenses? It'd be really great to find one that's licensed as either BSD, MIT, Apache, or CDDL.
  6. F

    xdm_enable="YES" does not work?

    As per the Handbook, I've always turned XDM on in /etc/ttys, however I've noted that SirDice has mentioned numerous times that it should instead be enabled in /etc/rc.conf. So last night I gave it a go and XDM never loaded after a reboot, I was left with a console login screen. I've tried it...
  7. Rastko

    Solved Package upgrade deletes config

    Hi, Today I made an upgrade of new packages, of which there were many (like all the stuff I use), but the custom configuration appears to be overwritten. Specifically, I had to manually rewrite the X display manager resources and scripts, and my GWorkspace/WindowMaker integration started to...
  8. N

    xdm login

    hi is there a port of the openbsd x login tool like the one in the screen shot below ?
  9. M

    Solved XDM rejects my login. >->

    Whenever I type my user name and password correctly, xdm rejects me. Why? I read Handbook. I did same thing. >-> By the way, slim accepts my login. ttyv8 "/usr/local/bin/xdm -nodaemon" xterm on secure # pkg install xdm # reboot...
  10. goldencircuit

    XDM not allowing me to log in as any user

    Hello, I recently installed FreeBSD and am having problems with XDM not allowing me to log in as my set up user or root. XDM boots up fine but when I click into the password field nothing shows up as a I'm typing (first time using XDM this might be a feature?) and when I do type the password in...
  11. sidetone

    Solved xdm: make xconsole go away after log-in

    How would I make x11/xconsole go away automatically after XDM logs into the window manager?
  12. K

    XDM configuration

    I've moved to x11/xdm for my login at startup, I'd like to customize it with a background and a few small things. I've read the xdm section in the handbook and everything on google isn't any help. Does anyone know how I can do this?