wireless network

  1. E

    8852be card using the wifi-firmware-rtw89-kmod module?

    Good day! Can you tell me how to make wi-fi work on a laptop with an 8852be card using the wifi-firmware-rtw89-kmod module? I still don’t understand, I loaded the module, but I can’t find the card? Or have the drivers not yet been released for this card?
  2. BaronKRoolenstein

    Solved I am an idiot [rtl8821au n00by stuff...]

    Okay, I got freeBSD 13.2 (or whatever the latest release is, its been on my pc about a month) burnt to a disc and installed on my kaby lake dell box... also my only pc, i'm typing this from my ipad right now. Can't get wifi working though, chipset is rtl8821au. (tplink archer t2u, GB band)...
  3. Scribner

    No wireless networks were found. Rescan?

    Help! I am trying to reinstall FreeBSD and am getting the following message when scanning for wireless access points: "No wireless networks were found. Rescan?" I am close to my Wi-Fi router and the network is up. In my previous two installs, many wireless networks in the area always appeared...
  4. N

    Solved Issue getting realtek wireless network card (rtwn driver) working on new FreeBSD installation

    FreeBSD newbie here. I just installed FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE AMD64 on a small box and am having issues getting the PCI realtek wireless network card to work. Running ifconifg -a displays the motherboards ethernet controller and the loopback device, but not my wireless card. However, running...
  5. clawhammer

    what is psk?

    Is it my password I picked for my wireless router login? Im setting up wireless on my computer.
  6. Maelstorm

    Solved Wireless network adapter?

    What is a good wireless network adapter that works with FreeBSD these days?
  7. B

    WiFi Access Point

    Hi again! This time I want to know how to create a wireless network (WiFi). I have 11.1-RELEASE-p6 on a i386 processor. And yes, also I have a wifi USB adapter. It is a TP-LINK TL-WN722N. I want to know, what I need to configure to be able to use this USB as an antenna? Thanks (again)
  8. unknownuser

    hostapd won't start on AR9280

    Hello folks. I got this APU2C4 last week to use as all in one router, firewall, AP with FreeBSD 11. It has two mini PCIe Compex WLE200NX that uses the Atheros AR9280 chipset. I am going to be posting my configuration, hoping that someone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong. # hostapd...
  9. Rand0m

    Issues with WiFi aliases and connectivity

    Hi all, I have a set network aliases in /etc/rc.conf to use them in my jails. # Adding alias for wlan0 for jails ifconfig_wlan0_alias0="inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast" ifconfig_wlan0_alias1="inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast"...
  10. Q

    Support Raspberry Pi 3 wireless card?

    Hi, I downloaded the image from http://www.raspbsd.org/raspberrypi.html and it's booted successfully on my Raspberry Pi 3. But I found that the wireless card is not working. It turned out the wireless card is Broadcom BCM43438 chip. and after searching, it seems that bwi/bwn still not supports...
  11. mmccoo

    Bridge doesn't setup correctly on boot

    Problem summary When booting, a bridge is created, but the two member networks are not added. if I just do service netif restart, the members are added and the bridge is fine but wlan0 is now open instead of secured. if I then do service hostapd restart, the wlan0 is back to protected. After...
  12. leeand00

    Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink Card Configures fine, ssid not being detected

    The wireless card I'm using is a Sabrent PCI-802N Ralink RT3062F PBG26220E0 I tested the card in Linux and was able to connect another access point and retrieve webpages; in Linux it used the rt2800pci driver; though I didn't set it up as an AP. autoboot_delay="3" if_ral_load="YES"...
  13. B

    Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300

    I am trying to switch my Dell Latitude E6500 laptop from Debian Linux to Free-BSD. One of the last things I need to figure out to be able to completely make the switch is to figure out how to set the wireless connectivity. I've tried to figure the settings out to the best of my ability, using...