wireless network card

  1. 7

    Cannot configure AC9560 wireless card with iwm driver

    I cannot get FreeBSD to find my wireless card. It does not show up in ifconfig -a. root@S76BSD:~ # sysctl net.wlan.devices net.wlan.devices: In my /boot/loader.conf I load the iwm and iwm_firmware modules: if_iwm_load="YES" iwm3160fw_load="YES" iwm3168fw_load="YES" iwm7260fw_load="YES"...
  2. G

    Finally detected wireless card but can't connect to Wifi

    I hope I'm in the right forum, I thought about Networking but I feel like it's part of the install to get the computer connected so I put it here, feel free to move it if needed :) So I have an ASUS A409M on which I want to try FreeBSD (I'm a Linux user, not very familiar with FreeBSD yet, and...
  3. K

    configuring wifi and network drivers for 13.0 on a macbook

    I recently installed FreeBSD 13.0 BETA2 on a macbook pro of 2015. I faced an issue in the installation process, where I couldnt configure the IPV4 because there were no configurations for this interface. I have been following the handbook but it seems that I do not completely understand it...
  4. stroudmw

    Qualcomm Atheros AR9565/QCA9595

    I have an HP ProBook 450 G1 laptop, running FreeBSD 12-2. I can't get the wireless card working: the Wireless light on the laptop's keyboard does not come on (ie: it stays orange, instead of turning white). I have followed the instructions here...
  5. J

    Wireless Card compatibility (RTL8192EE) and ndisgen

    Hello, I installed FreeBSD 12.1 on my desktop, which has a TP-Link TL-WN881ND, which in itself has the Realtek RTL8192EE. I went through the handbook and found that (unless I am missing something), I should use the XP drivers via ndisgen as I did not find a driver anywhere in the docs or...
  6. 0

    Cannot get ndisgen to make driver for RTL8821AE

    I have a lenovo all in one pc that has the Real Tek 8821AE wireless card. I have gone on the manufacturers website and downloaded the .sys and .inf files for ndisgen, and when I run the program to create the module i get all the way to the point where it says: Generating Makefile... done...