windows 10

  1. C

    FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE-p4 + bhyve + Windows 10

    Hello. I have problem with local network/internet. I have local network on hq0 ( on this interface is dnsmasq # ifconfig hq0 hq0: flags=8943<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,PROMISC,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  2. S

    Clone existing FreeBSD Install onto a disk with Windows 10 already

    I have found out that the little netbook I use for learning about FreeBSD is capable (in theory at least) of running Windows 10. I am going to upgrade the RAM (to 2GB!) and add a larger HDD and give it a go but I am happy with the way I have FreeBSD set up so I would prefer to clone my current...
  3. D

    bhyve Windows 10 as a guest through bhyve

    Hello, I am new to bhyve but I decided to go ahead and try it out. I need a Windows 10 vm for schoolwork and want to make use of bhyve. I've been following this guide completely, though instead of /vm I put the directory in /usr/vm and my vm is named win10. Everything has worked up until the...
  4. M

    Triple booting as UEFI with FreeBSD, Debian and Windows 10

    How can I do that? Anyone know? I use my disk as GPT. Windows 10, Debian 11 (GRUB) already exists as dual-boot, but I want to install FreeBSD next to it. How will I do? Thanks.
  5. Truculent_Freddi

    How to connect via remote desktop from Windows 10 to freebsd

    I need to connect remotely to freebsd from under Windows so that I can work with the system and at the same time have a graphical interface for convenient work
  6. great_otter

    Solved Trouble accessing external NTFS partition

    Hi to all, I am new to the BSD, and I have trouble trying to access data on an externally mounted hard drive with Windows 10 partition on it. I am using an external drive bay connected via USB to my desktop. When I switch drive on I get the following output from dmesg: umass0 on uhub4 umass0...
  7. T

    rm: file: Text file busy // Freebsd 12.1-RELEASE-p10 Virtualbox Guest cannot delete files in shared folder

    I'm running a Freebsd 12.1 in virtualbox on a win10 host. Guest additions, kmod installed. Followed the handbook; Mounted a shared folder. Files pre-existing in that folder can be deleted. New files can be created...
  8. Lars Skogstad

    Solved FreeBSD shares with Samba4 - cant access from windows 10

    Hi. Searched around beforing posting this and I can't solve this problem. I've done a fresh installation of FreeBSD 12.1 with Samba 4 for network shares. (Imported pool from my earlier FreeNAS server which is located at /tank/public ) Anyway, So I installed Samba, made a config at...
  9. judusfloratos

    Virtualbox does not follow boot order

    I am successfully using Windows 10 in VirtualBox (5.2.32) on a FreeBSD host (12.0-RELEASE-p10) and would like to access my CD drive from inside the Windows guest. I've followed the directions in the handbook and set the boot order in VirtualBox to hard disk followed by optical. When I start the...