1. NapoleonWils0n

    linux-widevine-cdm seems to have stopped working

    linux-widevine-cdm for drm widevine video and audio playback in chromium has stopped working for me today i rebuilt the package with poudriere and installed the latest version, the correct settings for widevine show up in chrome://flags but i just get errors trying to playback drm video on itv...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Chromium enable drm playback by building the www/linux-widevine-cdm port with Poudriere

    Chromium has been recently patched to enable Widevine support as mentioned in the post This lets you play widevine drm encrypted audio and video, so you can watch things like Netflix, Channel4 and ITV in the UK or other video services that use widevine drm or listen to Spotify I have written a...
  3. S

    Watching Spotify and listening to Netflix in 2023

    As a few people already noticed, www/chromium has been recently patched to enable Widevine support. (It's debatable whether that's a good or bad thing, but the demand is certainly there.) This is done with the help of www/foreign-cdm, which is a relatively straightforward proxy for the Content...
  4. Holger

    Running Google Chrome in a dedicated Linux-Jail

    Introduction and motivation There are great articles ([1] and [2]) by patovm04 here on the forum explaining how to run Chrome and Brave in a Linux chroot environment (usually /compat/linux or /compat/ubuntu). These approaches work great. However, I am a big fan of FreeBSD's jails and it has...
  5. grahamperrin

    Solved TIDAL – DRM required (for audio but not necessarily for video, apparently)

    I couldn't listen without signing in, but thanks. No response when the play button is clicked, true?
  6. P

    [Linuxulator] How to install Brave (Linux app) on FreeBSD 13.0+

    Important notes: 1) This guide is for FreeBSD 13.0 and newer only!! For FreeBSD 12, please see: https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/linuxulator-how-to-run-google-chrome-linux-binary-on-freebsd.77559/ 2) This method should be valid for installing any other Chromium-based web browser (Google...