Solved TIDAL – DRM required (for audio but not necessarily for video, apparently)

… Spotify … Widevine DRM. … can't use the Spotify Web Player … tried with both www/chromium and www/iridium. …

Well I myself, more and more lean towards to use Tidal instead of Spotify. Tidal's web player works … with some nice music, and you don't need an account to listen to 30 secs of each track.

I couldn't listen without signing in, but thanks.

I can't seem to get Tidal audio working now in Firefox,

No response when the play button is clicked, true?


… may just require further tuning of pulseaudio? It sounds like they've likely updated to something more DRM-ish since Conny's reply in 2018. interestingly music videos work fine for me on Tidal though. And there is also a free ad-supported tier of account now.
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I'm sorry that the linked quotes didn't make clear the reason for not discussing TIDAL in the linked topic. I added a screenshot of the title of the linked topic.

I also like the idea of TIDAL, if it can work on FreeBSD – ideally in www/firefox, as pictured in the opening post.
Tidal is a stroke of genius for putting double the price tag on a thing which costs basically only half elsewhere for some fringe benefits at best.
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You can't :)

It's the opening poster's responsibility.

I omitted to make clear who I was thanking:

if it can work on FreeBSD – ideally in www/firefox,

The Tidal web player needs drm

In a nutshell, TIDAL is far from ideal, because:
  • it failed from the outset in my preferred web browser
  • this problem can not be fixed by the end user
– topic solved.

Thanks CoolHwhipMike

The Widevine discussion can continue here:

Nothing lures a potential customer more than the phrase failed payment, when the non-customer made no offer to pay for a non-usable service …