1. pathiaki

    FOSwiki, FreeBSD 13.2, Apache 2.4, FCGI

    I guess I sent this to the wrong forum. I have a default Apache 2.4 setup on a new FreeBSD 13.2 VM. I'm trying to get FOSwiki to run. I can get default cgi-bin/test-cgi to interpret and it works fine. I'm trying to get the latest version of FOSwiki, 2.1.7 to install. They have an Apache 2.4...
  2. HL1234

    jails General question for using a jail

    I'm new to jails, but like to try them. I read different solutions, but can not find a answer for my questions. Maybe jails not working for me, because of my configuration settings. One of the question is: I run a internet server and got only one real Internet-IP from the provider. I use the...
  3. P

    how to do a freebsd or a linux distro with an integrated web server

    I don't know if it's in the right category, but I can't find any material explaining how I can make my own linux or freebsd distro that comes with an integrated web server and an html page by default within var / www
  4. J

    Could Not Listen on UDP Socket: Permission Denied

    I'am configuring OpenVPN service, so when i start the service the promt issued this message "Could Not Listen on UDP Socket: Permission Denied", so these messages i see once every 20 minutes, and i was thinking the problem is DNS local service but i don't have any idea what is the problem...
  5. saeedpersa

    Apache Server on FreeBSD

    Dear Professionals Last week i had some ADS over some High Traffic Websites my Site had 7600 Visitors in 5 Hours. After a While my Server Goes Down and it didn't work even my SSH Service was crashed. With VNC I Restarted my Apache Server it Came up and my SSH started suddenly. Here is my...
  6. A

    compression in boa webserver?

    Hi, Is there compression in the www/boa webserver? I don't see mention of it on the website or documentation. I thought maybe its default. thanks, a5'
  7. Understudy

    Solved I think Apache hates me

    Hi, Over time I get very nervous about doing apache, php and mysql upgrades on my webserver because eventually something happens to show how much it hates me. Currently it does not look like www/apache24 is happy with config changes. I get a forbidden message on all my pages. I am guessing I...
  8. J

    Solved Moving web server to FreeBSD - MediaWiki shows blank page

    Hello folks, The past couple of weeks I spend converting from being a Linux guy to becoming a FreeBSD guy. After I've had a really nice time with FreeBSD I felt that it's finally time to stop playing around and moving one of my web servers from an Ubuntu server to a FreeBSD server. I setup...
  9. quamenzullo

    Solved Each website in its own jail

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to jails, have read a lot of doc and forum posts and am a bit lost wondering what is the best/easiest/safest set up to serve several websites from the same server. I would like to put each website into its own jail, and use nginx as webserver. Questions: 1. Is it...