1. sidetone

    Opensource communication frameworks: XMPP, SIP, AMQP, MQTT, CAP, IAX

    An opensource framework allows interoperable and inter-organizational use between different offerings (or servers). Signal can't be compared in this category, because it is simply an opensource client offered by one provider or organization, and not a standard for interoperable use: it can be...
  2. I

    The state of videoconferencing on FreeBSD

    I found an interesting post about videoconferencing on FreeBSD here: https://www.davidschlachter.com/misc/freebsd-videoconferencing I am curious if there is anybody who uses Teams and/or Zoom on FreeBSD. I use those on a laptop with Win10 currently, but I would like to install FreeBSD on that...
  3. nekoexmachina

    webrtc sound recording in FreeBSD

    Hello! I've a problem with webrtc sound services in Google Chromium browser on FreeBSD. Sound just doesn't function properly: playing sound works, but then, recording sound does not. I've tried wavrec command from audio/wavplay to see if the audio recording is even working properly, and in...
  4. PacketMan

    WebRTC - What can I so with it today using FreeBSD

    Just curious, What can I so with WebRTC today using FreeBSD. Any 'complete' ports I should start looking at? Could I easily add some sort of WebRTC based audio/video/messaging/file-sharing system to my home server(s) and then my family could start using that system via browsers and/or apps on...
  5. sossego

    Starter to building webrtc on FreeBSD

    For reason that this project will be a continuing effort, I have decided to include the information and processes known to me to this date. Set $PATH to include /usr/local/bin/python export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/python Download depot_tools from Google:: Instructions...