1. freebsd_user

    Solved [Wayland] Unable to open lockfile...

    It's probably silly but I couldn't figure out what to do. I am still pretty new to this. When I am trying start Wayfire, I am getting, II 20-10-23 18:04:31.425 - [Wayland] unable to open lockfile /var/run/user/1001/wayland-xx.lock check permissions
  2. elgrande

    Time in Wayland Apps set to UTC

    I have the following problem: Time of my laptop is set up correctly, i have enabled ntpd and date shows the correct time. Also Wayfire shows the correct time in Waybar. Nevertheless e.g. Chromium shows the wrong time (e.g. in WhatsApp Web). Everything that shows a time in Chromium displays UTC...
  3. fel1x

    How to install Wayland?

    First of all, where is wayland forum(there's X.Org forum, but I couldn't find wayland forum) Do I need to instal xorg to use wayland or I should install wayland only? What's the name of wayland pkg? Just 'sudo pkg install wayland"? The sequence how to install gnome on wayland Is Nvidia is better...