1. Keltir

    World of Warcraft on FreeBSD

    Hello! I have an ultimate goal to launch WoW Classic on FreeBSD, or get confirmation that it's impossible. What I have so far: 1. To Install/update WoW client we should use Battlenet client, which is 32bits app. To launch it I installed i386-wine and it was running pretty smoothly. 2. WoW...
  2. L

    World of warcraft on freebsd

    Hello! Who know how work it?
  3. L

    World of Warcraft 6.1- black screen on start under Wine 1.8.39 with GeForce 760 GTX

    Greetings, FreeBSD version: 10.1-Release Nvidia graphic card: GeForce GTX 760 Nvidia driver version: 346.59 (released just a few days ago) Wine version: 1.8.39 World of Warcraft: 6.1, installed on Windows SET gxApi "OpenGL" - configured in Config.wtf file When I run Wow.exe I get black...
  4. S

    Yet another WoW thread

    I've moved from Windows on my laptop since Intel GMA 4500MHD was supported in Xorg, after doing an quick install with FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE everything went fine, until I was about to test World of Warcraft. Now I can of course expect that there might be some fps drop in the game but this was...
  5. H

    Wine crash on WoW 3.3.5

    Hi, I'm sorry if it isn't posted at the right place but I have no idea where to ask this. (If there is a better place to ask please tell me) Since Blizzard patched World of Warcraft to version 3.3.5 it doesn't let me login anymore (when I enter my login information it will just say...
  6. C

    Heads up anyone playing WoW under FreeBSD

    Just a quick note for those having trouble starting WoW, admins, move this where you see fit, but we don't really have a "games" forum. The latest patch from Blizzard changes permissions on the ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft/ folder when you try to run Launcher.exe. There...
  7. kano

    World of Warcraft on FreeBSD

    (Not really a question, but just an observation. :)) I recently migrated my main workstation, a Dell XPS M1530 laptop, from ArchLinux64 to i386 FreeBSD 8-CURRENT. I wanted to go for amd64 FreeBSD, but it seems that the nVidia driver is still in development and the i386 driver doesn't work...
  8. D

    Wine + World of Warcraft

    Hi, I just recently installed FreeBSD 7.1-STABLE and am in the process of getting world of warcraft working. When I run "wine InstallWoW.exe" I receive an error that says "Failed to read information from the internet, please close all applications and try again". Has anyone here seen that...