1. S

    My first wallpaper

    Thanks to the amazing handbook, Vermaden's incredible blog and all the knowledge here in the forums, I've been happily daily-driving FreeBSD in my work machine, a ThinkPad W530 with the W520 keyboard. 32GB of RAM, WINE, VirtualBox fill the blanks for other stuff I have to do for dayjob (handle...
  2. D

    Free as in Free FreeBSD Wallpapers

    I've collected several FreeBSD wallpapers over the years and with Gimp manipulating the images made a few myself. Some are not FreeBSD related or feature Beastie, but the black box of delight to Daemons in our service. These only reflective of my acts as a Daemon independent. Any Glory they...
  3. BsDjUsTbSd

    UNIX wallpaper by me(not good)

    This are some Unix wallpapers I made. I know they are not that good but i am sharing anyways. I promise that these are not stolen from any site and you won't be able to find them anywhere else. I created them from scratch
  4. Lars Skogstad

    Just some wallpapers..

    Just some wallpapers in 1920x1080.